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APQ 130/1000, APQ 150/1200, APQ 180/1440 and APQ 200/1600 Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromats
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APQ 130/1000, APQ 150/1200, APQ 180/1440 and APQ 200/1600 Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromats
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Our focus is on Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromats as well as focal lens systems for diffraction-limited imaging in the range from 365nm to 1014nm.

The development and production of special polychromats as well as the production of classical fluorite doublet and triplet apochromats are offered as special projects.

Blanks and components made of CaF₂ are available in different optical qualities for delivery.

  • Polychromats
  • Focal lens systems
  • Special projects
  • Calcium fluoride

In the aperture range from 100mm to 250mm we will offer in the medium term a series of Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromat Refractors – with or without aspheres, completely oil spaced, with or without air gaps – with the respective special focal lens systems.

The polychromats from 130mm to 200mm aperture will be available in two versions, which differ in terms of the focuser.

The basic configurations are equipped with the Feather Touch focuser FTF3545 from Starlight Instruments.

The premium design will optionally receive a performance focuser with a new focusing drive (currently under development).

Outstanding features of the new performance focuser will include unprecedented precision and rigidity with maximum draw tube travel and maximum clear aperture.

The first model of the new refractor family is the Polychromat 150/1200, which can now be ordered after completion of the two prototypes.

The optical designs of the individual polychromatic refractors are – like that of the Polychromat 150/1200 – each designed as a universal planetary refractor system. Individual modifications of the focal ratios are possible in a wide range.

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The Fluorite Quadruplet Polychromat 150/1200 is a universal planetary refractor, a system of the highest possible image quality, in which the basic system represents the polychromatic objective.

Depending on the task of observation, the basic system is combined with a Field Corrector (Flattener), Focal Reducer Corrector (Reducer) or Barlow System (Barlow Lens).

The diffraction-limited correction is maintained in the spectral range from 365nm to 1014nm, so that the UBVRI spectral range of modern CCD and CMOS sensors can be fully utilized.

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By special projects we understand such development and production orders, as for example of fluorite polychromats with special optical designs and astrographs.

Classic CaF₂ doublet and triplet apochromats are also developed and manufactured on special order.

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The outstanding importance of fluorite for the color correction of optical systems is due to an extremely low dispersion, a high anomalous partial dispersion and an even greater Abbé number compared to the fluorophosphate glasses.

As fluorophosphate glasses e.g. S-FPL53 and S-FPL55 from OHARA®, N-PK52A and N-FK58 from SCHOTT® or FCD100 from HOYA® are known.

APQ JENA offers blanks and components made of CaF₂ in different optical qualities and with customized specifications for imaging optics in microscopes, telescopes, astronomical telescopes, spectrometers, 4K / 8K TV lenses and for excimer lasers etc.

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